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Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies
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NEW Volume II
Loves, Lies, and Tears,
Vol. II
Ellen Wilson - Jacqueline Kennedy
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Loves, Lies, and Tears,
Vol. I
Martha Washington - Helen Taft
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"Once you're in the White House, don't think it's going to be a glamorous, fairy-tale life. It's very hard work with high highs and low lows. Since you're under a microscope, everything is magnified, so just keep your perspective and your patience." - Nancy Reagan

All presentations are custom designed to entertain and inform the particular interests of the audience I am addressing. No two programs are ever alike and all are completely non-partisan. Each one can be designed from a minimum of one hour to a maximum of three hours, for weekend workshop settings. Customary time frame is between 65-75 minutes. See contact information to receive honorarium, per diem and travel costs as necessary.

Extraordinary Lives

Jacqueline shares the humorous, serious, and tragic stories of the Ordinary Women who lived Extraordinary Lives with the men who served as Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. Most generalized and inclusive presentation of the First Ladies, discussing as many as time permits, including question and answer segment.

Lovers and Courtships

Explores the "great love affairs" and the "affairs of agreement" that resided in the White House. Some couples courted for years, while others proposed and married immediately. Learn the stories of the committed partners and the business partners, as well as the intellectual attractions and the opposites that were attracted.

Meet The Classics

Examines the lives of Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, Mary Todd Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy.

The 50 years Comparison

Defines the First Ladies of the last 50 years and compares them to the First Ladies of our nation's first 50 years.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Answers to questions such as:
  • Which First Lady married her uncle? (It was not Eleanor Roosevelt)
  • Which future First Lady flirted with the President of the United States, while his invalid wife remained in her upstairs White House bedroom? (It was not Edith Wilson)
  • Which First Lady had the greatest number of children and was her Presidential husband, the President with the greatest number also? (It was not Edith or Theodore Roosevelt)
  • Who was the youngest First Lady? (It was not Jackie Kennedy)
  • What is their first legal name? (It was not Nancy, Rosalynn, Pat or Lady Bird)
Unexpected Endings

Investigates the tragedies that resulted in White House deaths. Aside from Presidential assassinations, several deaths occurred in the White House. Some natural, some accidental, and some questionable.